Saturday, December 20, 2008

Indications that Michelle Obama is a Classless Spoiled Woman by Armageddon

Despite rumors that Michelle was in fact Grace the Bass Player, she is giving every indication of taking the charm and coquettishness former First Lady Hillary Krinton made her hallmark and will bring her own style of change we can believe in. Surpassing this milestone will take copious amounts of culture and it is clear that Jacquiline Kennedy's sacred place on the pedistal of adoration may soon need expanding.
Let us first begin by citing the amazing revelation that just a few weeks ago, she was finally proud of her country. How big of her to lower her standards such that the land that has freed millions from tyrany abroad and from slavery here, including her ancestors, is now measuring up to her standards. The millions of Americans who shed their blood to accomplish this must also finally be proud of their country. How could we not all be touched by such magnanity.
Allowing her mother to come and live in the White House and care for her children to add stability to their lives once again can be seen as setting a higher standard than Jacky who cared for her two like any common housewife. Way to go Michelle.
Likewise complaining about not having special privilidges to move in early to Blair House so her children can attend school seems only reasonable and a cruel Republican scheme to not change tradition and kick out those already promised the house. Shame on Bush and his mean spirited decision.
Speaking of school, she chose the private one her children will attend the same way she does everything else. Instead of making an example like President Jimmy and Mrs. Carter did and sent Amy to public school in DC, she chose not to end up with TWO retards and sent them to a private school.
Just like lunch at the Waldorf where she looked at the menu and concluded "I'll have the most expensive thing and champaigne. What is it?" choosing the school was a snap. "What does it cost? I'll take the most expensive".
Yes citizens,we are going to be exposed to a level of culture and class unheard of in the White House for the next eight years. Imagine how refined she will be the first few times she catches Barack burried to the hilt in some white cockpit.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If Experiencing An Erection Lasting Four Hours by Fearless Freep

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Armageddon's Solution For The GITMO Prisioners

Hey Barry
How about we turn them into
Organ Donors!

Illinois Politics As Usual by Armageddon

Rod Blagojevich. Governor of Illinois was arrested along with his chief of staff today by the FBI. He was allegedly demanding huge pay-off for appointing someone to Chairman Mau Mau's seat in the Senate.

If you look into his background, bet you will find pay-offs to his big contributors. Business as usual in Illinois. Do you think The Chairman is doing anything differently currently?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Voodoo Bailouts by Armageddon

Voodoo Bailouts

The Left likes to think in simple terms. They can hang onto " Reaganomics", though it is a pretty long word, or they can stick with "voodoo economics". This sums up eight years of prosperity by dismissing the facts with a slur.
Currently, actions in Washington DC actually deserve a term derived from the voodoo concept. We have Voodoo Bailouts. Voodoo's greatest product is to raise brain dead zombies and set them off looking fro brains to eat. Anyone who believes the bailouts address the causes of the problems is certainly in need of fresh brains. Handing out trillions of dollars we don't have to banks made illiquid by Democrat largess in terms of sub prime loans to people too poor to make payments and in the case of many, illegal aliens is insane. Likewise shoveling cash at the Big Three when their union contracts push costs for blue collar production jobs to the $74 per hour range, when the wages of their customers is probably a small fraction of that amount proves conclusively those in DC need massive infusions of neurons.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Employee Free Choice Act.

The Democrats in the Senate will vote Tuesday whether to strip Joe Lieberman of his chairmanship. They will be taking a secret ballot. It is good enough for them to vote in secret but by supporting The Employee Free Choice Act, they strip this right from workers and subject them to union thuggery. Nice job the hypocrites Democrats send to Washington are doing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

House Of Straw? by Post Mortum

It is impossible for me to believe this nation of 300 million and another 25 million illegals could be so vulnerable that some fast reading Stalinist can win her over without firing a shot. If there was that much wool on the planet, sheep would be extinct. Politics on the Left has been not of issues, since Uncle Barack never went into substances of his change, it was of pathological hatred of one man, George Bush.
We Conservatives have very large problems with policies he has championed that run counter to our opinions, yet those who are close to the man tell tales of caring and spirituality we will not experience in 4 years if not 8 or longer. This is consistent with something of which I have firsthand knowledge.
As Chairman Mau Mau and his self-loathing stooge, Rahm Emanuel bring about the compulsory Civil Defense Matching Light Brown Shirts, is America going to roll over and play dead. In the case of those I know, we won't be playing. We will pay the price to defend freedom.
Be prepared to take to the streets when the bloodbaths begin and know that the armed forces will back us and train their weapons on the totalitarians before they kill free citizens. Our soldiers swear to uphold the Constitution and we dying in the streets will be doing the same.
Be prepared.

Friday, November 14, 2008

First Grandma to Move in White House

Michele Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, the first grandma, may be moving in the White House according to an AP story and we know they are accurate when it comes to Democrats.
What Conservative Blogs like Patriot's Line In The Sand (in case you are new here, there are none like the PLITS), then again probably only this one will be wondering why they don't move Zeituni Onyango in instead, after all she is family too. They could pay Obama's illegal immigrant aunt $10 an hour under the table and feed her scraps from kitchen to care for their daughters. Hell, she could collect welfare and fight extradition with lawyers paid for by us as well.
PLITS can see even further into the future. Secretary of State Clinton can dance with Barack Hussein Obama Senior when he visits the White House from Kenya and he can show her the latest steps.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Peaceful Million Armed Man and Woman March

Patriots, we need to organize a Peaceful Million Armed Man and Woman to march on Washington and put the new socialist government on notice, you mess with the Bill of Rights, stifle Free Speech by shutting down Conservative Talk Radio, then come after our guns, we are coming back and the military and police will stand with us and the Constitution they pledged to protect. You did also swear an oath on the bible or Koran in some cases, to preserve, protect and defend this Constitution but you stinking totalitarian liars never had any intention to honor that pledge.
The Barack Hussein Olinski government intends to round us up individually once their power has been consolidated and some manufactured emergency happens to spark the suspension of all rights and Barack dispatches his Brown Shirts to confiscate all weapons.
To my fellow redneck country brothers and sisters, many of you are prepared to go down fighting once The Man comes to the door. That will be too late and you will be exterminated by overwhelming firepower. You must be prepared at the first sign of trouble to come to Washington DC packing your 06's or 30-30's and demonstrate in the street. We will not become a country of slaves as you wish the Soviet States of America to become. As the patriots who fought and died in the Revolution, we are likewise prepared to pledge our Lives, our Fortunes and Sacred Honor to stop you and the communist utopia you will institute.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Typical White Woman Dies

Today marks the passing of someone of historical significance. Barrack Obama lost the white grandmother who raised him. It was more important for him to campaign than be at her side, but then again she was just a typical white woman. Why would anybody want to be by her side, even if your atypical white mother threw you away like a piece of garbage and she raised you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Andy Dlinn In Support of John McCain

In support of John McCain
by Hirsh Dlinn
When Jewish voters go to the polls, historically they tend to vote for the candidate that represents bigger government, offering less freedom of choice. They think that, being a minority, the protection of government force is necessary for their well-being. They would be surprised to know that throughout world history, the main nemesis of the Jewish people has been massive government.In biblical Egypt, Pharaoh’s government enslaved the Jews. The Babylonian government destroyed the holy Temple in Jerusalem as did the Roman government. In modern times, Jews ran to support the Bolshevik revolution in Russia only to find out that the socialist model they celebrated came back on them with a vengeance and destroyed families and communities. And yet, in the United States, where the Jews have enjoyed the most favorable environment for growth and freedom, as a bloc they still vote traditionally to favor the big government candidate.Sen. John McCain, while working for an environment that favors less government and more opportunity, has demonstrated a 25-year record of support for the Jewish community. Sen. McCain has rejected the anti-Israel ideas of Jimmy Carter, George Soros, General Tony McPeak and Zbignew Brzezinski, who are senior advisors to Sen. Barack Obama. McCain will not tell AIPAC that Jerusalem will remain undivided one day, then change his mind the next day. McCain has supported a move of our U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Even though Congress passed legislation in 1995 authorizing that move, Presidents Clinton and Bush have used waivers to avoid taking action. Imagine if some foreign country decided not to recognize Washington, D.C., as our capital?Sen. McCain has co-sponsored dozens of pieces of legislation critical to the pro-Israel effort, including the Kyl-Lieberman resolution to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, the Palestinian Anti-Terror Act and the Iran Freedom Support Act. He has never, and will never, morally equate terror attacks and Israel’s responses to those attacks. Consider that the “conscience of the Senate,” Jewish Sen. Joe Lieberman felt so strongly about John McCain’s support for the Jewish people, that he crossed party lines to actively campaign for him.Because of his many years in the Senate, Sen. McCain will be ready on day one to be commander-in-chief. These are precarious times. Do you really want someone with a na├»ve worldview dealing with continual terrorist threats? Even Sen. Joe Biden recognized and said that Barack Obama will be tested by some crisis. The reason he could say this is because the world recognizes quickly where there is a weakness in leadership and will test that leadership. Ronald Reagan knew that as well and made “peace through strength” his foreign policy. It worked then and Sen. McCain knows that it is a basic truth today. His opponent, on the other hand, will meet with terrorists and dictators without preconditions. While his opponent favors European-style socialism and a “share the wealth” mentality, Sen. McCain favors creating an environment of opportunity. When government punishes producers and rewards those who don’t produce with handouts, it historically prolongs economic downturns. For why should someone work when the alternative is so appealing? Small businesses are the economic engines that create 70 percent of the jobs in our economy. Lowering taxes, particularly in a difficult economic environment, is the way to promote and restore job growth and that benefits everyone.Looking to the future, John McCain’s energy independence plan outlines a market-based approach that will lead to workable alternatives to petroleum that will not repeat the expensive mistakes of government-mandated solutions. He had the courage of his convictions to state in Iowa that ethanol subsidies were wrong for America. Once again, he placed his country first ahead of political self-interest.It’s a crucial election in precarious times. Jewish voters must be concerned first with fostering an environment of growth, which traditionally results in reduced anti-Semitism and an increased standard-of-living, and second, with continued strong support for America’s only real ally in the Middle East, Israel.John McCain has demonstrated that he has the experience, the mettle, the focus, to put the United States, not Europe, first and that his demonstrated support for the well-being of Israel is a long proven record that will continue to insure that America will once again, be a “light unto the nations,” and Jews along with their fellow countrymen will live in peace and security with the highest standards-of-living built on the strongest moral foundations.(Hirsh Dlinn is a Downtown financial planner.)


Regardless of who sits in the White House for the next four years, we will be in for hard times as the reality of our economy hits the fan. In case your name is Rumple Stilskin, the dollar has dropped significantly in relationship to most currencies, the stock market has tanked and last quarter marks the first of this recession or depression.

The question I have been grappling with for some time now is what to stockpile in the coming chaos. Food is the obvious first choice and canned vegetables are an inexpensive start, but I would recommend chunky soups and stews as a better alternative since they contain the protein and vegetables needed for better nutrition. Buy these when at half price and rotate the older stock into your diet as you add new supplies.MRE's are another alternative but more expensive still. A freezer full of poultry, beef, fish and game is an ideal protein bank to use with your other supplies along with jerked and canned meats.

Dry carbohydrates such as rice and noodles should be stockpiles as well as canned sauces to make them a satisfying entree along with some stored meat. A fresh garden salad will make this a truly enjoyable meal.

Aside from the stockpiling of food, I recommend other items but the list is by no means complete as new items occur to me all the time, and you are welcome to submit an article to build upon this foundation. Sanitary items should be stockpiles with at least a two year supply. Soaps such as body and hand as well as disinfectant and laundry detergents would be good choices. Along with that should be bottles of bleach with a small notice on the label it is suitable for water disinfection.

Bottled water should be limited in relationship to the available space but a source for contaminated water should be used to flush the toilets if civilizations collapses to the point potable water becomes scarce.

If it comes down to embargoes or trade wars with China and other trade partners, it might be a good idea to stockpile things they make we no longer do, like lighting, until such time as the industry returns to these shores. Buy a bunch of compact florescent bulbs and save them when they burn out. Someone ought to be smart enough to find some way to use their mercury as a weapon. I haven't searched the Web yet for this information, but I bet it is there somewhere.

A short wave radio with built in hand cranked generator can be had on eBay very cheaply and not a bad addition to your stockpile. You may even want to buy one on the ham bands to keep in touch and establish a network of patriots. It would be a good idea to get a license from the FCC to operate this radio, but when it hits the fan, they will be busy chasing Rush and Glenn Beck around and not care about you.

Clothing that wears out relatively quickly such as undergarments and shoes where sizes aren't subject to change are are good items to stockpile in fairly large quantities. Extra warm clothing should be stockpiles for the coming cold years indicated by the current sun cycle.

Weapons and ammunition will be useful for self-defence as well as barter items, so be heavily stockpiles with these items. I have been told that buying a quantity of 1000 or more rounds of ammo gets you a visit by the FBI so double check on this and keep yourself under the radar.

These are just the start of items that need to be considered if civilization falls apart and America falls into a civil war or chaos. Be prepared!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Preparations For The Coming Riots by Spitzer Boattail

When the riots come,
and they will
I want you ready
Whether you live in
our blighted cities
or elsewhere

You must be prepared to
defend yourself
your family
and your possessions.

If the election goes
against the Annointed One
and His Legions ignite
fire in this land
Will you sit back
as good little
servants of the State?
Will you depend
upon law enforcementBy that same
that will under Obama
have complete control
of your rights?
Or will you
act responsibly
and take matters in
your own hands?

In the coming chaos (or Kos) you will be called upon to defend the greatest system of government that has ever evolved on the face of this earth. You will also be called upon to defend yourselves and your neighbors who have not prepared for the insanity the totalitarians will unleash.

Pump shotguns in 12 gauge for men and 20 gauge for women are essential with boxes of 00 buckshot. I recommend Remington for strength and reliability, but Mossberg has improved theirs by adding a second slide in the past few years

If you have rural property and fear the invasion of urban gangs pillaging the countryside once they have looted the inner cities to the point of starvation, then you need something like a SKS or AK 47 and a lot of ammo to dissuade these parasites.

The buckshot need not be aimed perfectly as long as it blasts the heart-lung area, which would be the best aiming choice. A brain shot, the preferred one for charging elephants that drop the pachyderms on a dime, will do the same for a charging communist.

When, because of my job at the time of the Reginald Denny riots, I had to be in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, I obtained a license to kill. Concealed carry permit. I now strongly, very strongly recommend to each and every one of you, male and female, to get one as soon as possible.

I knew that if, because of my job, I was trapped in the ghetto and surrounded by rioting residents, I would have to make a significant impression on the crowd. I purchased a Taurus pistol that was used and 3 high cap 9mm magazines, giving me about 60 quick shots to clear a street. Assuming I hit 3 out of 4 rioters, that should open the way to safety.

These are my recommendations and if you ignore then and brand me as an extremist, that is your right. If not and I have correctly predicted the future, then shame on you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Democrat Playbook

With Obama finally announcing his intention to 'spread the wealth around", with ACORN registering hundreds of thousands of illegal voters, I have to ask Democrats, are you really on board with what your Party is doing? Do you want to silence all opposition as Nancy Pelosi intends by shutting down talk radio? Are you willing to take the First Aemndment out of the Constitution? Much is at stake this election and the freedoms our founding fathers intended will be stripped by your leaders who have you believeing all kinds of horrible lies about Conservatives. We don't supress votes yet your side believes we are the boogieman and anything you do to violate our rights is morally acceptable. You steal and deface political signs in our yards by the hundreds yet it is extremely rare for the reverse. The world your leaders are taking you to is the Soviet States of America. Patriots will once again pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor just as our Founding Fathers did to fight the tyranny you can't seem to see you are ushering in

Ironically the fathers and grandfathers of todays Democrats fought against fasdcisn, National Socialism, progressiveism amd marxism. Their mothers or grandmothers worked in the munitions factories. They are being dishonored today by anyone who votes for Obama for he wishes to usher in a marxist state and proudly proclaims the fact. Well Democrats, you may FEEL that the re-education camps, concentration camps and extermination camps won't follow, but they always do with a marxist takeover and Waco was just a taste of what a progressive president can do. Then again maybe you FEEL that the men,women and children incinerated there deserved their fate?One thing about the state you wish to establish, there was never any bad news in the Soviet Union and there won't be any here either, so you won't be sitting there complaining about everything. The guy with the barrel of his AK-47 at the back of the head of the soviet citizenry will now be holding an M-16 at the back of your head. You will find the four hour wait in the bread line a pleasure to serve the State or the last thing you will hear is a click

Where do you draw the line?

Everyone who loves the United States as envisioned by the Founding Fathers and is willing to defend this experiment in a government by and for the people should have a line in the sand which if crossed by totalitarians will trigger a response in the streets. Where is yours? Is it the coming dismantling of the First Amendment by Pelosi, Reed, and Obama? They will return the Fairness Doctrine and pull talk radio off the air. Will it take the knock on the door and the confiscation of your arms? You tell me.