Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Voodoo Bailouts by Armageddon

Voodoo Bailouts

The Left likes to think in simple terms. They can hang onto " Reaganomics", though it is a pretty long word, or they can stick with "voodoo economics". This sums up eight years of prosperity by dismissing the facts with a slur.
Currently, actions in Washington DC actually deserve a term derived from the voodoo concept. We have Voodoo Bailouts. Voodoo's greatest product is to raise brain dead zombies and set them off looking fro brains to eat. Anyone who believes the bailouts address the causes of the problems is certainly in need of fresh brains. Handing out trillions of dollars we don't have to banks made illiquid by Democrat largess in terms of sub prime loans to people too poor to make payments and in the case of many, illegal aliens is insane. Likewise shoveling cash at the Big Three when their union contracts push costs for blue collar production jobs to the $74 per hour range, when the wages of their customers is probably a small fraction of that amount proves conclusively those in DC need massive infusions of neurons.