Friday, November 20, 2009

The Answer

Solving The Great Riddle


Fearless Freep

Three religions lay claim to the one true God and there must be a way to solve the riddle as to which one is right. On one hand we have the Jews who worship Jehovah. Jehovah blessed the Jews with great intelligence, extremely talented musicians and an exceptional appreciation of culture and civilization. Jehovah gave the Jews the lamb and the ability prosper in a harsh land.

God and Jesus are kind of like Jehovah updated and they have given Christians great intelligence and the ability to create all manner of scientific discoveries and medical miracles. Cities reaching to the heavens are built by Christians and vehicles reaching to the stars are also the inventions of these fertile minds. God gave the Christians the dog to love him unquestioningly. God gave the cat to the Christians to remind them that there are superior beings and to be humble. He also gave Christians the hog for bacon, ham as a special reward for believing in Him.

Islam worships Allah. Allah gave them an ocean of oil and no idea what to do with it. This almost limitless energy yet no one thought to invent a light bulb to brighten the night. Neither over the course of centuries did they ever find a more sanitary substitute for their left hand. Allah did grant the Arabs an animal. He gave them the camel to be their brother. The camel is one of the smelliest, most vile tempered and ugly brutes who ever walked the land and has one great attribute. When angered, which is most of the time a camel has the amazing ability to take the furthest most contents of their gastrointestinal tract and spit it accurately at whoever angered it.

I can't help but think God has a great sense of humor and chuckled his butt off when he placed the camel in the desert to be become the brother to the Arabs and must conclude based on this evidence that the Jews and Christians are more likely to be right than the Islamists.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bring the Soldiers Home by Armageddon

Bring The Soldiers Home

I have done a complete 180 on the issue of Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. The purpose of deploying our young men and women volunteers is to defend this nation and the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. I contend the level of threat from these three nations is minimal compared to those occupying Washington DC now and their presence and firepower may be needed more here than abroad.

The greatest threats are the totalitarians now running the Obeta Government and your neighbors who voted this gang of traitors in office and have no clue as to how far they have taken this land away from the principles of the Founders. They have confiscated huge companies and turned the assets over to the greedy unions and their gluttonous leaders who live the lives the rank and file are taught to associate with the executives and loathe. They are currently pushing the Final Solution for Conservatism, a nationalization of the health care industry and only a cretin could believe these dedicated revolutionary partisans won't turn this system into an extermination machine for Conservatives.

Barack Obeta has blood on his hands for the eight patriots recently ambushed in Afghanistan because he refuses to either commit to win at all costs or get out. The Obeta government is not America and not worth dying for and I ask that all troops be removed from harms way and returned to this occupied nation. The Totalitarians fear the military because of their patriotism and love of Constitutional America. Loosing troops and demoralizing them and the citizens works to the Glorious Leader's ends. They know when the revolution starts in the farmlands and rural America, the military will stand by their pledge to defend the Constitution and join us. I pray that by 2010 an enormous Conservative backlash spanks the traitors and returns a huge majority of real Conservatives to the House and Senate.

The problem that creates has already been plotted and planned against because those pulling the strings like George Sorros are chess players, not checker players. Why do you suppose Madam Pelosi has cried publicly about the possibility of violence being fed by the current rhetoric on the Right. Then once again a Leftist representative accused the Right of wanting to kill the elderly and infirmed. This along with the incessant calls of racism and hatred gives the moral high ground to the average slug who buys their lies and will go right along with the imprisonment and removal of such unhealthy people who disagree with the Glorious Leader. I wonder if he knows the price of failure his string pullers are likely to extract and the Armageddon it will spark. A Reichstag incident was planned years ago along with everything else that is happening at such a breathtaking pace.

There are those who would rather die in the streets to prevent this historical redoux and the military will be there with us. Prepare for this eventuality and pray it never comes to that.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Roman Polanski isn't guilty of "rape rape"
Anybody who watches this abomination is as much an humanitarian as she is.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Taking The Argument Down To Your Level by Fearless Freep

I am tired of saying I believe in the Constitution and that I oppose the current regime on bailouts, nationalization of the financial markets and industry. I believe that the control of all health care will mean the extermination of all Conservatives who have had the audacity to fight publicly.

I believe the czars are compromising every element of the culture including education, free speech over the airwaves and now the internet.

This is the fate of all who refuse to accept the power of the new Reich, and revere the Constitution. Look deeply you Democratic National Socialists because this is what you support.

You glorify imbeciles like this and make them wealthy beyond reason because you yourself have no ability to reason. Instead of answering charges based on scientific facts that refute beyond any reasonable doubt that Global Warming is a Hoax and Climate Change has been going on since this planet cooled, you will tax us all billions and destroy millions of jobs for this lunacy.

When time after time I have addressed issues and you fall back upon calling me names because you have no intellectual ammunition to counter the facts, I lose in your minuscule minds because if you can call me some vile name, you win the argument

OK moron. You support Barack Hussein Obama because you like stinky hairy men to pound your ass with a vengeance because you aren't homophobes. You'd rather switch than fight.
You voted for a Halfrican because you like them because they aren't so scary as the really black ones and usually were raised better and speak english much better than the dark ones. You actually fear them because they may suspect you aren't as Liberal and Down With That as you think.
Well you phony little buggers can call us anything you want because we will be calling you panty waists out in the streets to die for your strong convictions which is slavery to the State that Americans would rather die than submit. See you soon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Barack Hussein Obama

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm
Barack Hussein Obama
Your grandpa carried white guys guns
And called them all Bwana.
Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm

Barack Hussein Obama
All the guys around here
Slept with your white momma.
Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm

Barack Hussein Obama
Our teachers make us call you
our new Black Messiah.
Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm

Barack Hussein Obama

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Answer To Democrats

Answer To Democrats

To those who have accused us of lying about the numbers who attended the 9/12 protest march in Washington DC and can look at pictures of 1.7 million as counted by the unbiased University of Indiana, who has no horse in this race, yet parrot the numbers of from 30 to 70 thousand of the state run media, I have something for you to consider.
Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you will allow your country to do to your neighbor. Race had nothing to do with the march, Freedom and the Constitution did, yet the Obamabots here and in the state run media must stoke unfounded and hateful indignation in order to keep your support. Conservative hate no one but fear the power of a government now being focused on our destruction. Your neighbors are being targeted much as the Jews in Europe in the thirties and forties and just like the good people of Germany, you can't fathom this possibility in America.
In that you are correct because this is no longer America. The Constitution is no longer operative. Bailouts, nationalizations and dozens of czars regulate everything from free speech on the radio and how much executives can make, while tens of thousands of salaried employees get laid off and the union members are now being given over the economy and jobs guaranteed for life. This is not America but you sit there smiling and drooling because the party you worship is in power.
I have something for you to consider. As you idly sit by as the government assumes ultimate power, we who are about to die are prepared to put our lives on the line to defend the Constitution and are also prepared to take the lives of the oppressors. If you are willing to die for the Democratic Party of Totalitarianism, we will meet in the streets soon. If not and you have the potential to gather the necessary information to see the truth, then join us in opposition to the totalitarian regime now running America. Stop your government from the tyranny it will impose if you value freedom and what once was the most generous and prosperous nation on Earth.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Van Jones and the Issue of Racism by Fearless Freep

I would like to thank Green Jobs Special Advisor to the President Van Jones for the opportunity for me to explore the issue of racism as perceived by the Left and the Right. Since there is such a dramatic difference in how either side think about this issue, I will break down situations into Left-Think and Right-Think patterns.
Van Jones called all Republicans “a**h*les”. Now it is axiomatic that Jones is not a racist because he is an African American and therefore can not be a racist because he is a member of a persecuted minority.
But a Right-Thinker will incorrectly say that there are minority members of all races in the Republican Party. Left-Thinkers know that all these folks are either oreo cookies or whatever really smart name they attach the other minorities who don’t think along the prescribed avenues they demand. Therefore, all Republicans are white and every one is an “a**h*le” and this is not a racist statement.

Right Thinkers will conclude that Van Jones is a racist a**h*le.

Left-Thinkers call the people who inhabited this land before the evil white people came, Native Americans. Right-Thinking people just called them the descendents of the Asians who walked the Bering Sea when there was a mud flat and no water because of climate change. Since there was no fire at the time, nor SUV’s, Left-Thinkers blame whale flatulence for the buildup of methane and greenhouse gases at the time. We know there was no fire because the Inuit’s chose to eat seal meat and whale blubber raw. This contributed to a serious decrease in greenhouse gases which is why the glaciers melted and the Sea covered the land bridge again. The Inuit’s got carbon credits for eating whales because planting trees in the permafrost would have to wait for Al Gore, one of the world’s most respected Left-Thinker, to make possible. Polar bears got carbon credits for eating Inuits.
Left-Thinkers call the people who lived in South and Central America Indians until the moment evil white guys landed there. Then they all became Hispanics because it is too hard to figure out which ones would be Hisportuguise and which ones would be Hispanic. Also it is too hard to pronounce Hisportuguise. Right-Thinkers called them the Aztec and Mayan descendents of the Asians who walked over, etc.
With the introduction of slavery by the warrior tribes who sold their captured enemies and anybody they could con the slave traders into buying, a new element was added to the Western Hemisphere. Left-Thinkers called them about half a dozen different things until they settled on African Americans. Right-Thinkers were too scared to do anything but go along until the smoke cleared.
Now there is one thing that both Left-Thinkers and Right-Thinkers agree upon. When you mix African Americans, Guilty White people and Hispanics, you end up with a Puerto Rican.