Saturday, December 20, 2008

Indications that Michelle Obama is a Classless Spoiled Woman by Armageddon

Despite rumors that Michelle was in fact Grace the Bass Player, she is giving every indication of taking the charm and coquettishness former First Lady Hillary Krinton made her hallmark and will bring her own style of change we can believe in. Surpassing this milestone will take copious amounts of culture and it is clear that Jacquiline Kennedy's sacred place on the pedistal of adoration may soon need expanding.
Let us first begin by citing the amazing revelation that just a few weeks ago, she was finally proud of her country. How big of her to lower her standards such that the land that has freed millions from tyrany abroad and from slavery here, including her ancestors, is now measuring up to her standards. The millions of Americans who shed their blood to accomplish this must also finally be proud of their country. How could we not all be touched by such magnanity.
Allowing her mother to come and live in the White House and care for her children to add stability to their lives once again can be seen as setting a higher standard than Jacky who cared for her two like any common housewife. Way to go Michelle.
Likewise complaining about not having special privilidges to move in early to Blair House so her children can attend school seems only reasonable and a cruel Republican scheme to not change tradition and kick out those already promised the house. Shame on Bush and his mean spirited decision.
Speaking of school, she chose the private one her children will attend the same way she does everything else. Instead of making an example like President Jimmy and Mrs. Carter did and sent Amy to public school in DC, she chose not to end up with TWO retards and sent them to a private school.
Just like lunch at the Waldorf where she looked at the menu and concluded "I'll have the most expensive thing and champaigne. What is it?" choosing the school was a snap. "What does it cost? I'll take the most expensive".
Yes citizens,we are going to be exposed to a level of culture and class unheard of in the White House for the next eight years. Imagine how refined she will be the first few times she catches Barack burried to the hilt in some white cockpit.