Friday, November 20, 2009

The Answer

Solving The Great Riddle


Fearless Freep

Three religions lay claim to the one true God and there must be a way to solve the riddle as to which one is right. On one hand we have the Jews who worship Jehovah. Jehovah blessed the Jews with great intelligence, extremely talented musicians and an exceptional appreciation of culture and civilization. Jehovah gave the Jews the lamb and the ability prosper in a harsh land.

God and Jesus are kind of like Jehovah updated and they have given Christians great intelligence and the ability to create all manner of scientific discoveries and medical miracles. Cities reaching to the heavens are built by Christians and vehicles reaching to the stars are also the inventions of these fertile minds. God gave the Christians the dog to love him unquestioningly. God gave the cat to the Christians to remind them that there are superior beings and to be humble. He also gave Christians the hog for bacon, ham as a special reward for believing in Him.

Islam worships Allah. Allah gave them an ocean of oil and no idea what to do with it. This almost limitless energy yet no one thought to invent a light bulb to brighten the night. Neither over the course of centuries did they ever find a more sanitary substitute for their left hand. Allah did grant the Arabs an animal. He gave them the camel to be their brother. The camel is one of the smelliest, most vile tempered and ugly brutes who ever walked the land and has one great attribute. When angered, which is most of the time a camel has the amazing ability to take the furthest most contents of their gastrointestinal tract and spit it accurately at whoever angered it.

I can't help but think God has a great sense of humor and chuckled his butt off when he placed the camel in the desert to be become the brother to the Arabs and must conclude based on this evidence that the Jews and Christians are more likely to be right than the Islamists.