Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Democrat Playbook

With Obama finally announcing his intention to 'spread the wealth around", with ACORN registering hundreds of thousands of illegal voters, I have to ask Democrats, are you really on board with what your Party is doing? Do you want to silence all opposition as Nancy Pelosi intends by shutting down talk radio? Are you willing to take the First Aemndment out of the Constitution? Much is at stake this election and the freedoms our founding fathers intended will be stripped by your leaders who have you believeing all kinds of horrible lies about Conservatives. We don't supress votes yet your side believes we are the boogieman and anything you do to violate our rights is morally acceptable. You steal and deface political signs in our yards by the hundreds yet it is extremely rare for the reverse. The world your leaders are taking you to is the Soviet States of America. Patriots will once again pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor just as our Founding Fathers did to fight the tyranny you can't seem to see you are ushering in

Ironically the fathers and grandfathers of todays Democrats fought against fasdcisn, National Socialism, progressiveism amd marxism. Their mothers or grandmothers worked in the munitions factories. They are being dishonored today by anyone who votes for Obama for he wishes to usher in a marxist state and proudly proclaims the fact. Well Democrats, you may FEEL that the re-education camps, concentration camps and extermination camps won't follow, but they always do with a marxist takeover and Waco was just a taste of what a progressive president can do. Then again maybe you FEEL that the men,women and children incinerated there deserved their fate?One thing about the state you wish to establish, there was never any bad news in the Soviet Union and there won't be any here either, so you won't be sitting there complaining about everything. The guy with the barrel of his AK-47 at the back of the head of the soviet citizenry will now be holding an M-16 at the back of your head. You will find the four hour wait in the bread line a pleasure to serve the State or the last thing you will hear is a click

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