Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Preparations For The Coming Riots by Spitzer Boattail

When the riots come,
and they will
I want you ready
Whether you live in
our blighted cities
or elsewhere

You must be prepared to
defend yourself
your family
and your possessions.

If the election goes
against the Annointed One
and His Legions ignite
fire in this land
Will you sit back
as good little
servants of the State?
Will you depend
upon law enforcementBy that same
that will under Obama
have complete control
of your rights?
Or will you
act responsibly
and take matters in
your own hands?

In the coming chaos (or Kos) you will be called upon to defend the greatest system of government that has ever evolved on the face of this earth. You will also be called upon to defend yourselves and your neighbors who have not prepared for the insanity the totalitarians will unleash.

Pump shotguns in 12 gauge for men and 20 gauge for women are essential with boxes of 00 buckshot. I recommend Remington for strength and reliability, but Mossberg has improved theirs by adding a second slide in the past few years

If you have rural property and fear the invasion of urban gangs pillaging the countryside once they have looted the inner cities to the point of starvation, then you need something like a SKS or AK 47 and a lot of ammo to dissuade these parasites.

The buckshot need not be aimed perfectly as long as it blasts the heart-lung area, which would be the best aiming choice. A brain shot, the preferred one for charging elephants that drop the pachyderms on a dime, will do the same for a charging communist.

When, because of my job at the time of the Reginald Denny riots, I had to be in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, I obtained a license to kill. Concealed carry permit. I now strongly, very strongly recommend to each and every one of you, male and female, to get one as soon as possible.

I knew that if, because of my job, I was trapped in the ghetto and surrounded by rioting residents, I would have to make a significant impression on the crowd. I purchased a Taurus pistol that was used and 3 high cap 9mm magazines, giving me about 60 quick shots to clear a street. Assuming I hit 3 out of 4 rioters, that should open the way to safety.

These are my recommendations and if you ignore then and brand me as an extremist, that is your right. If not and I have correctly predicted the future, then shame on you.

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