Thursday, November 6, 2008

Peaceful Million Armed Man and Woman March

Patriots, we need to organize a Peaceful Million Armed Man and Woman to march on Washington and put the new socialist government on notice, you mess with the Bill of Rights, stifle Free Speech by shutting down Conservative Talk Radio, then come after our guns, we are coming back and the military and police will stand with us and the Constitution they pledged to protect. You did also swear an oath on the bible or Koran in some cases, to preserve, protect and defend this Constitution but you stinking totalitarian liars never had any intention to honor that pledge.
The Barack Hussein Olinski government intends to round us up individually once their power has been consolidated and some manufactured emergency happens to spark the suspension of all rights and Barack dispatches his Brown Shirts to confiscate all weapons.
To my fellow redneck country brothers and sisters, many of you are prepared to go down fighting once The Man comes to the door. That will be too late and you will be exterminated by overwhelming firepower. You must be prepared at the first sign of trouble to come to Washington DC packing your 06's or 30-30's and demonstrate in the street. We will not become a country of slaves as you wish the Soviet States of America to become. As the patriots who fought and died in the Revolution, we are likewise prepared to pledge our Lives, our Fortunes and Sacred Honor to stop you and the communist utopia you will institute.

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