Friday, November 14, 2008

First Grandma to Move in White House

Michele Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, the first grandma, may be moving in the White House according to an AP story and we know they are accurate when it comes to Democrats.
What Conservative Blogs like Patriot's Line In The Sand (in case you are new here, there are none like the PLITS), then again probably only this one will be wondering why they don't move Zeituni Onyango in instead, after all she is family too. They could pay Obama's illegal immigrant aunt $10 an hour under the table and feed her scraps from kitchen to care for their daughters. Hell, she could collect welfare and fight extradition with lawyers paid for by us as well.
PLITS can see even further into the future. Secretary of State Clinton can dance with Barack Hussein Obama Senior when he visits the White House from Kenya and he can show her the latest steps.

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