Sunday, November 2, 2008

Andy Dlinn In Support of John McCain

In support of John McCain
by Hirsh Dlinn
When Jewish voters go to the polls, historically they tend to vote for the candidate that represents bigger government, offering less freedom of choice. They think that, being a minority, the protection of government force is necessary for their well-being. They would be surprised to know that throughout world history, the main nemesis of the Jewish people has been massive government.In biblical Egypt, Pharaoh’s government enslaved the Jews. The Babylonian government destroyed the holy Temple in Jerusalem as did the Roman government. In modern times, Jews ran to support the Bolshevik revolution in Russia only to find out that the socialist model they celebrated came back on them with a vengeance and destroyed families and communities. And yet, in the United States, where the Jews have enjoyed the most favorable environment for growth and freedom, as a bloc they still vote traditionally to favor the big government candidate.Sen. John McCain, while working for an environment that favors less government and more opportunity, has demonstrated a 25-year record of support for the Jewish community. Sen. McCain has rejected the anti-Israel ideas of Jimmy Carter, George Soros, General Tony McPeak and Zbignew Brzezinski, who are senior advisors to Sen. Barack Obama. McCain will not tell AIPAC that Jerusalem will remain undivided one day, then change his mind the next day. McCain has supported a move of our U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Even though Congress passed legislation in 1995 authorizing that move, Presidents Clinton and Bush have used waivers to avoid taking action. Imagine if some foreign country decided not to recognize Washington, D.C., as our capital?Sen. McCain has co-sponsored dozens of pieces of legislation critical to the pro-Israel effort, including the Kyl-Lieberman resolution to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, the Palestinian Anti-Terror Act and the Iran Freedom Support Act. He has never, and will never, morally equate terror attacks and Israel’s responses to those attacks. Consider that the “conscience of the Senate,” Jewish Sen. Joe Lieberman felt so strongly about John McCain’s support for the Jewish people, that he crossed party lines to actively campaign for him.Because of his many years in the Senate, Sen. McCain will be ready on day one to be commander-in-chief. These are precarious times. Do you really want someone with a na├»ve worldview dealing with continual terrorist threats? Even Sen. Joe Biden recognized and said that Barack Obama will be tested by some crisis. The reason he could say this is because the world recognizes quickly where there is a weakness in leadership and will test that leadership. Ronald Reagan knew that as well and made “peace through strength” his foreign policy. It worked then and Sen. McCain knows that it is a basic truth today. His opponent, on the other hand, will meet with terrorists and dictators without preconditions. While his opponent favors European-style socialism and a “share the wealth” mentality, Sen. McCain favors creating an environment of opportunity. When government punishes producers and rewards those who don’t produce with handouts, it historically prolongs economic downturns. For why should someone work when the alternative is so appealing? Small businesses are the economic engines that create 70 percent of the jobs in our economy. Lowering taxes, particularly in a difficult economic environment, is the way to promote and restore job growth and that benefits everyone.Looking to the future, John McCain’s energy independence plan outlines a market-based approach that will lead to workable alternatives to petroleum that will not repeat the expensive mistakes of government-mandated solutions. He had the courage of his convictions to state in Iowa that ethanol subsidies were wrong for America. Once again, he placed his country first ahead of political self-interest.It’s a crucial election in precarious times. Jewish voters must be concerned first with fostering an environment of growth, which traditionally results in reduced anti-Semitism and an increased standard-of-living, and second, with continued strong support for America’s only real ally in the Middle East, Israel.John McCain has demonstrated that he has the experience, the mettle, the focus, to put the United States, not Europe, first and that his demonstrated support for the well-being of Israel is a long proven record that will continue to insure that America will once again, be a “light unto the nations,” and Jews along with their fellow countrymen will live in peace and security with the highest standards-of-living built on the strongest moral foundations.(Hirsh Dlinn is a Downtown financial planner.)

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