Sunday, January 4, 2009

Solving Illegal Immigration by Fearless Freep

Senator Harry Reid D-NEV
(pictured here capturing
that blank, mindless
expression he so
often sports)
Said today on Meet The Press
"Tim, my friend John McCain
and I are going to work on comprehensive immigration reform. First we will secure the border.
Then we will find a way to legalize those already here. It won't be an amnesty. They will have to buy carbon offsets from Al Gore for all their emissions. That will run about $3000 apiece."

Senator McCain's office issued a press release shortly after the program aired Sunday January 4th morning.

"This isn't the same as McCain-Kennedy, you %*%^$@. It isn't amnesty,a**h**e. We give them an English test and if they can press the right pictures on a McDonald's cash register, I'd say that makes them the equivalent of any inner city high school graduate, you #@!!$%^."

President Elect Obama has pledged to sign this right after pardoning himself for being in the country illegally.