Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bring the Soldiers Home by Armageddon

Bring The Soldiers Home

I have done a complete 180 on the issue of Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. The purpose of deploying our young men and women volunteers is to defend this nation and the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. I contend the level of threat from these three nations is minimal compared to those occupying Washington DC now and their presence and firepower may be needed more here than abroad.

The greatest threats are the totalitarians now running the Obeta Government and your neighbors who voted this gang of traitors in office and have no clue as to how far they have taken this land away from the principles of the Founders. They have confiscated huge companies and turned the assets over to the greedy unions and their gluttonous leaders who live the lives the rank and file are taught to associate with the executives and loathe. They are currently pushing the Final Solution for Conservatism, a nationalization of the health care industry and only a cretin could believe these dedicated revolutionary partisans won't turn this system into an extermination machine for Conservatives.

Barack Obeta has blood on his hands for the eight patriots recently ambushed in Afghanistan because he refuses to either commit to win at all costs or get out. The Obeta government is not America and not worth dying for and I ask that all troops be removed from harms way and returned to this occupied nation. The Totalitarians fear the military because of their patriotism and love of Constitutional America. Loosing troops and demoralizing them and the citizens works to the Glorious Leader's ends. They know when the revolution starts in the farmlands and rural America, the military will stand by their pledge to defend the Constitution and join us. I pray that by 2010 an enormous Conservative backlash spanks the traitors and returns a huge majority of real Conservatives to the House and Senate.

The problem that creates has already been plotted and planned against because those pulling the strings like George Sorros are chess players, not checker players. Why do you suppose Madam Pelosi has cried publicly about the possibility of violence being fed by the current rhetoric on the Right. Then once again a Leftist representative accused the Right of wanting to kill the elderly and infirmed. This along with the incessant calls of racism and hatred gives the moral high ground to the average slug who buys their lies and will go right along with the imprisonment and removal of such unhealthy people who disagree with the Glorious Leader. I wonder if he knows the price of failure his string pullers are likely to extract and the Armageddon it will spark. A Reichstag incident was planned years ago along with everything else that is happening at such a breathtaking pace.

There are those who would rather die in the streets to prevent this historical redoux and the military will be there with us. Prepare for this eventuality and pray it never comes to that.

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